Banc Sabadell

How to speed up software delivery. For this project, VASS has carried out the implementation of Clarive, a supporting software and multi-country process management tool, throughout the organization.


Banc Sabadell decided to implement a new work model that involved a profound transformation of its development processes and software life cycle.

In this new context, automation of software delivery and deployment were crucial, and VASS was selected to implement the Clarive technology   as a support and main tool in said processes’ management: software repository, development IDEs, software construction, automated deployment and promotion between environments, and finally release management.


With a project divided into several stages: two pilots to analyze and evaluate the new methodology and work model, followed by a final and progressive deployment in the rest of the bank.

PILOT 1: Internationalization – definition of a new development model of and delivery of a software on its core banking piloted in one of the venues with the idea that it would be used for international expansion.

PILOT 2: Automation of the delivery management- implementation of the automated delivery management in the productive environments that allows for a more homogeneous, more duplicable and more secure process on its Proteo development architecture.

Roll out: After these projects, the bank has begun the deployment and implementation of new initiatives that support the model in the rest of the organization, which will progressively allow for the transformation of the processes of the software life cycle in the applications of the rest of the company.

The implementation of this project was carried out under the VASS DevOps methodology, which was aligned with the opening strategy of the new Banco Sabadell bank in Mexico. This methodology establishes a path for the adoption of this new paradigm in the delivery of services, based on the homogenization and simplification of the process, and on its orchestration and automation.


The success of this implementation is based on Clarive’s capacity as support software and process management, allowing for:

  • The implementation of a DevOps model and architecture in the areas of development, quality and operations.
  • The definition of a new software delivery model: continuous delivery.
  • The automation of construction, testing and deployment, with integration and continuous delivery of multi-country software in Mexico and soon in TSB and Spain.

Currently, Sabadell bank is able to carry out the production changes of its core banking with a frequency of more than 350 monthly deliveries, an autonomous management process by the roles that take part in the life cycle of software development and an unattended deployment without continuous intervention of the operations team.