Banca March

Automation of banking processes and incident management


To improve the bank’s operations, transforming internal processes into automated activities that allow employees to focus on the activities that really generate value.


BancaMarch did not have any automatic process management system, so their operations and the correct execution of said processes depended entirely on the knowledge of their employees.

The generation of documentation associated with banking operations was based on the distribution of templates and their subsequent storage in file systems. On the other hand, everything related to the exchange of information was mainly done through email.


To standardize banking operations, we opted for the implementation of a BPM suite that would allow us to establish the workflows of each banking operation in a unified manner.

The initial challenge was the implementation of the tool in the environment of BancaMarch, which was successful thanks to the team’s technical work and its mediating role between the software manufacturer and the needs of the business. On the other hand, understanding the business, optimization capabilities and in-depth knowledge of the tool were vital to transform banking operations into a suite of standardized and easily modified processes.

At a technical level, the solution lies in the implementation of the BPM Suite by Appian BPM and the current development of around 40 business processes that are fully integrated into its transaction system.

In terms of execution, one of the main keys is the close collaboration with the bank’s services, which allowed the achievement of milestones of high business value in a short time, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of the selected strategy. This collaboration derives from an accompaniment service that has already lasted for more than 3 years and continues to extend this successful formula to other operational areas of the entity.


This implementation facilitates the improvement of the bank operations in the following aspects:

  • Automating banking processes, optimizing the employees’ work to focus on the performance of tasks that add value.
  • Cushion the impact of human error by establishing treatment of events (forgotten tasks, prioritization, etc.)
  • Improve documentation generation, automating and unifying data based on centralized templates that can be modified or corrected immediately.
  • Multiply the communication channels among the employees of Banca March, ensuring that the right people have accurate information at the right time.
  • Measuring the bank’s process efficiency, equipment, resources, etc.
  • Offer unified reports that allow greater knowledge of the number of transactions, amount, duration, origin… of each of the bank’s processes.